Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Spring Full Of Crocuses

For some reason, crocuses have never been a big part of our present garden. Perhaps it's that I'm still disgruntled about my crocus experience in my first garden; I bought a bag of 1000 mixed crocuses. The price was a trifle, and they all came in a bag that you could put your sack lunch in. I can tell you though; planting a thousand of anything, even tiny bulbs, takes a lot of time. Well, the squirrels came along, and the next spring exactly one lonely little crocus came up, and it was gone by the next year.
Maybe I've never quite gotten over that; the only crocuses we've had here have either piggybacked in here from my third garden (this is my fourth), or they are Dutch crocuses that came from a bag of bulbs I bought from my Sister-in-law, who was selling them for her church.
On a whim, this last fall I did put in a few new species crocuses, and this winter I've been looking at pictures on the internet of the amazing variety in crocuses. I've also been eyeballing a scruffy, weed and brush overgrown, south-facing bit of dry hillside that's right next to our garden. All I'd have to do to have a crocus garden is grub out all the brush and roots, dig up the whole hillside and replace the clay with loose soil, haul in a ton of rocks, and move about a hundred feet of deer fence to include this bit of land in the garden.
Winter in the midwest has a way of fostering such fantasies and delusions... it's how we cope.

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Isn't that the truth? Amazing what desire and temptation will make you do.
Kylee. dreams are what gardens are made of.
A new vista in your garden! I'll be watching! :-) After all, you only have your cataloging project, more primroses to plant, your meandering stream, and the view of the pond to create...etc.! ;-)
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