Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As this already dreary winter descends into a snowy tomb for garden dreams, I begin to consider the birds: they are often thought of as being somewhat dim-witted (calling someone "bird-brained" is not considered a compliment), but most of the birds from our woods are probably sitting in palm trees right now.
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Hello Don;

I have a pile of left over lumber in the cellar waiting to be turned into birdhouses. Also have two owl houses that we made a while back and they still didn't get hung even though nesting for barred owls starts in a month or so.

I imagine you see some interesting flights there in Iowa like we do here when snow deepens in Canada and food supplies force birds south. Snowy owls which are real beauties head for the beaches of Long island for example. That always sounded a little odd to me but is factual.

Good holidays from Vermont!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
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My Mom and Dad are both devoted bird-watchers, and my Mom has always maintained that she would never take being called "bird-brained" as an insult -- she thinks they're quite smart...and she'd be right. :)
George... I've never heard of barred owl houses (learn something new every day). Neat!

Nancy... kinda sorta (I just wish they wouldn't fly into windows).

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