Monday, December 01, 2008

Reality Visits Our Garden

After a warm, sunny November, reality has arrived in the form of four inches of heavy, wet snow which, with temperatures to drop into the 'teens, is rapidly freezing into a hard blanket of white death, which I fear will not melt until March. We've gone from shirt-sleeved, balmy afternoons to full fledged winter in a couple of days. Reality sucks.
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ooch - chilly
It used to snow every year around X-mas when I was a child, so I have to admit I am envious. At least you are going to have a white X-mas!!! The last time we had that here was 2005. :(

We too had our first snow this weekend. I enjoy your blog, which clima sone do you live in?
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I think you received a bit more snow than we did. Must be these balmy southern climes! ;-)
Heptajordet... we're in zone 5 (lows to -20 F). The lowest temp. I've seen here was -34, though.

Shady... you actually do have much milder winters there; the coldest air seems to blow out just south of us.

No... you can have our snow :o)

Karen... that's what I said when I looked out the window--- Ouch!

Hi Don,
We have some pumpkins looking that way now too. We're not pleased about all the snow this week either, not to mention the cold!

I wish we'd get at least 2-3 warmer weekend days so we could finish cleaning up in the garden! Things just got too busy in November, alas.
IVG... the long range forecasts call for the temp to hardly get above freezing anytime in the next two weeks!

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