Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Proper Number Of Cats In The Garden

There are certainly a great many decisions to be made in gardening; might I suggest that deciding on the proper number of cats to have in the garden is not the least of them? From experience I can tell you that if you have a small tabby and white cat that follows you everywhere, meows to be petted every three minutes, and as soon as you kneel down to do something, climbs up on you... then at times, one cat can seem too many.
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She's very pretty, and by the looks of it, she adores you! ;-)
I'd say your One cat is probably enough though, from the sounds of it. ha. When our dog is gone, whenever that might be, perhaps we should get a cat? Or a canary? Or a fish? Or another plant? ;-)
One can never have too many cats!
a lover of cats.Your cat is a beauty!
You are blessed! Lovely little creature......I am so glad you continue to post during the winter! I look forward to your notes every day!
Shady and Naturegirl... we actually have two cats, but this little tabby follows me around like a little dog.

Nancy... well, I actually find it easier to post in the winter in one way; I have a LOT more time; of course I don't really have anything to say, but people don't seem to min (or notice).

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