Friday, December 12, 2008

A Place Called Spring...

With snow blanketing our valley, and the pond creaking with new ice, it is that time of year when this blog needs to go to a kinder, gentler place... a place called Spring (a flowery way of saying that you can either look at recycled pictures from last spring or listen to me bitch about winter... your choice).
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I can really relate!
Nooo! You mustn't bitch about winter, Don -- take some deep breaths now. Embrace that sparkling whiteness! :-) (Says she, who loves the winter as well as any other season.) Your photo is lovely...but think how much more it will mean when the Earth's come full circle again and those darling snowdrops are blooming their little white heads off again, for real. Hee!
I choose #2. I'd rather anticipate Spring with your great photos. :-)
Jill-o... bad weather there too?

Nancy... you're a more cheerful person than I am! Or maybe, it's that I've just seen more winters.

Shady... good thing I took lots of pictures last spring; it's looking to be a long winter.

Do both. I'm easy. :)
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