Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Good Thing...

One good thing about gardening in the U.S. is that our garden catalogs are somewhat lacking in offerings of primroses (at least those that can be grown outdoors in Iowa). If I lived in Great Britain, I'd be fat from eating fish and chips, and I'd be broke from buying new primroses... maybe not such a bad situation after all.
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It is the gardener's way - always wanting the plants that impossible to grow. I know the feeling well!
Hi Don, I don't know if you have been to the plant and garden wiki yet, but if not you should check it out. It's like wikipedia, but for gardeners... so a great concept, but it just needs more people on there adding their valuable knowledge, so I hope you can help get the word out...
Easy... hope is what sustains us.

Raffi... I've indeed used the wiki, and have it bookmarked, and it is a fine resource. I should contribute, but have to admit it's been hopelessly buried on my "to-do" list.

Don- those are certainly toe curling pictures. What ever happened to the sunken stock tank you put in? Was that a year ago or just recently? That was for primroses wasn't it?
Well, primroses are native plants here, so I wont get broke. :) There a three different native specimens growing in my garden: Primula veris, Primula elatior and Primula vulgaris. All natives primroses here have yellow blooms.
Then there are some Primula denticulata hybrids in white, blue and pink, which are very easy to grow here. My only luxury items concerning primroses are Primula elatior "Victoriana Silver Lace" and "Victoriana Gold Lace".
Philip... I'll know next spring how successful it was.

no... the denticulatas (well, and lots of others) struggle here with our hot summers. I've actually thought about carrying some ice cubes out and piling them around the denticulatas when it gets really hot and muggy.
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