Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Must-Do Spring Garden Project

There comes a point in your gardening life where in the winter you should stop plotting out new flower beds, and instead daydream about thinning out the anemones; your garden is full!
However, I for some reason can't seem to bring myself to pull up all of the hundreds of little hellebore seedlings that keep popping up in the garden... they're just so cute!. I guess deadheading the hellebores after they flower might at least be in order (kind of like getting the tubes tied after you've already got a houseful of kids). I'm going to try and find a couple of spots to move some of these seedlings to, before they get their roots down any further. I just hope they don't expect a four star room; it's going to be Iowa clay full of tree roots at best.

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How big do they get? I might want some!
Sylvana... a bushel basket would be just about right to cover a mature plant.

Don, you're so lucky... I have never found any hellebore seedlings in my yard. Maybe this spring. :)
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