Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Montreal Botanical Garden

Let us leave this scene of winter desolation that a few days ago I called an Iowa garden; let us instead tour the greenhouse complex at the Montreal Botanical Garden, which we visited a couple of months ago. At the garden, there are ten interconnected greenhouses, including at the top, the desert house, then two photos from the begonia house, and finally a flower in the tropical house.
It beats looking out the window here in Iowa right now.

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Every now and then in the winter to save my sanity, I have to go to a botanical garden conservatory.
Donna... I wish we had one closer; the Montreal greenhouses would be great in the winter.
Don, your first photo reminds me of a small conservatory that was near my husband's family's house in Oak Park, Illinois. We could walk there. One year the Century plant bloomed and they had to remove a glass panel from the roof, as it grew up through it!! :-)
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