Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If You Like Maples...

If you like maples, especially Japanese maples, there is a very useful message board you should check out. It is the acer message board for the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. If for nothing else, check out the gallery portion, which has multiple pictures of just about every variety of ornamental maple. The discussions are however, equally invaluable and interesting.

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I'll be checking that out. Thanks.
I've been on there before and found some useful information. I would love to find more cold hardy maples for my garden!
I'll have to check this out. You have definitely given me an "Acer" fever! ha.?
Oh yes, I do love ogling maples... esp. Japanese ones! I have seen some lovely ones in that garden in BC. Thanks for the link!
Thanks all, for your comments, and Happy New Year.The whole U.B.C. message board is fairly interesting, though the acer section is the most active (and most useful) for those of us in more challenging climates than British Columbia.
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