Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If I May Repeat Myself

I have previously mentioned the website of the Scottish Rock Garden Club (SRGC) as a wonderful resource; it is especially rich as a flower bulb reference. There are two main sections to check out if you log on: the forum, which has several message boards that have a wealth of knowledge and pictures of various bulbs (there is a very active board just about snowdrops). In addition the delicious, dry British wit is prevalent. The second section to visit there is Ian Young's bulb log from Aberdeen; a mind-boggling display of pictures and information about erythroniums, fritillaries, crocuses and other rarities. You can spend hours on the SRGC website, and come away much wiser, but with a wish list that will bankrupt you for sure.
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Sounds like a very fun place to visit and read!

Blossom... you can spend hours on there.
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