Monday, December 08, 2008

The Grandfather Of All Garden Projects

Something that's been on my 'Garden To-Do' list for so long that might set some kind of Guinness record, is that of compiling a master list of every plant in our garden. It would be quite handy to have; I suppose most folks have at least once forgotten where they planted something and couldn't find it, but when you start "losing" a six foot tall shrub as I did once, it's probably time for a list.

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Losing a 6-foot shrub--now that's saying something.

Maybe I'm a little compulsive, but I started a plant list about a year ago, and then fairly recently I put it up on my blog as one of my pages (not just a post). It's only about 25% of the garden at this point, but it's easy enough to add to as new plants arrive. It's a great way to keep track of where or when stuff goes in the ground or any other things you'd like to keep note of.
I have mine in an Excel spreadsheet - including a column saying where the plant is in the garden. I could never remember what I had and kept forgetting names. The best decision I ever made!
Unfortunately in this computer age you can also partially keep track of your plants with pictures. I only have some of the garden so far, but I am trying to put digital pictures with the lists.
In the past people just read books.
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You will have a big job ahead of you! But you'll be so glad when you've finished!
I started mine last Spring, as the bulbs blossomed. At the time, I used just a little flip book of index cards (plain on the back and lined on the front)that fit in my pocket, kind of. That way I could draw a sketch and mark the locations as I identified them. My Winter goal is to make a more detailed notebook... hope I can get it done! :-) Best wishes on your endeavor! (I've also begun a list of my plants with the names of the varieties, just so I'll remember. It will be handy when I order and/or purchase new plants.)

ps The above removed comment was by me... my "other name." sorry.
lol@losing the shrub!....good luck.
I would love to get a look at that list. You have my fantasy plant collection.
I've been using flickr for my plant listing. I take pictures of each plant in it's place, and organize them into sets--one for each area of my garden, based on my own arbitrary bed definitions. That way I can tag, search, share, and easily find things. Its like a scrap book, but I can also set up other sets (like evergreens, green flowers, shade loving, whatever) It works out pretty well.
Lost, Easy, Philip, Shady, Megan... well, I'm inspired; you're all way ahead of me. I will definitely get started on it next spring (when the snow melts enough for me to see the name tags) but it will probably take a couple of years, at least.

Sky... well, I found it, but it took a couple of months; I'd moved it into the edge of the woods, and forgot where I'd moved it... it just blended in.

OOO. I need to do this, too.

A list of what I've aquired since moving to AZ, and what I've killed, and what is still thriving/ and or surviving.

Spreadshit City.
That should be "spreadsheet"

(hides head in embarrassment)
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