Saturday, December 27, 2008

Get Out The Checkbook!

We've grown some fall-blooming colchicums, one being shown above, for probably twenty years, but I find that there are several species of spring-blooming colchicums that might stand a chance of growing in our garden. Actually, we already grow what used to be Bulbocodium vernum, which is now classified as a colchicum, so we have a start.
I'm not quite sure why I would be worked up over colchicums that bloom in the spring, but we're not talking about logic here, anyway...this is gardening.
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"but we're not talking about logic here, anyway...this is gardening"

A truer line never written...
What is it about seed catalogs? They seem to have this hypnotic pull over gardeners, especially me. I buy more seeds than I can possibly grow, and still I yearn for the new and beautiful things I can't grow (wrong growing region or not enough sun).

They are delicate little beauties. Are they expensive?
These are lovely!

Fall blooming ones are on my "wish list." ;-) They are lovely, aren't they?
Nancy... I finally went cold turkey on buying seeds; I just don't need a hundred of anything1, is $5 expensive; I suppose so, for a bulb that may or may not survive.

Amy... I am very envious of gardeners who have these growing all over the place.

shady... I've got a few fall bloomers (they came in from my first garden).
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