Thursday, December 18, 2008

The First Time

I can quite clearly remember the first time I saw the place that became our present garden. It was late fall of 1993, and we just happened upon the for sale sign, pointing down a wooded, dead end road. I wandered out in the brushy woods behind the house; I stood in a spot just to the right of where the Japanese maple is now and, looking around, thought that this would be a great spot to garden!
Sometimes things work out.

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I should say they did! Perhaps, sometime, you'll share photos of your property from a wider angle, house and all, nestled into what looks like an enchanted wood! :)
A great story. A wonderful gift. And you're just the right caretaker.
Beautiful and can tell how much you love your garden! gail
Nancy... I'll look into that; it's very hard to get a wide angle due to all the trees and ravines.

Shady... wait until next year!

Gail... a lot of work and sweat has gone into it.

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