Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sunglasses Required

When the setting sun hits Acer japonicum Aconitifolium, it causes some serious brightness. I actually have three of these trees (tree sales are great; my restraint and common sense... not so great; each tree will eventually reach ten feet by ten feet). The largest of the three is now about five foot tall; then I have one about two foot tall, and the smallest just sits there at a foot tall (it was not helped by having a running deer step on it... the deer was running from me, as I was chasing it out of the garden).

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Beautiful tree! Funny deer story!
So, out of three, you may get one full-size, one medium, and one runt. At least if one up and dies (say, if a hippopotomus sits on it) you won't be bereft.
That colour is truly stunning! Beautiful trees, those.
You were so inspiring Last Year with your variety of Japanese Maples! Now, I'll be re-inspired this year! :-) Beautiful trees! (HOW did the deer get into your yard???) ;-)
Would you PLEASE come to my Nebraska garden and help me get a maple to stick? I'll pay you in, umm, poems. Student papers.
That's my favorite fall color in a tree - and it's a Japanese maple!!! Just beautiful form in those leaves, too.
Gail, Nancy, and Kylee... it is going to be a real beauty when full grown!

Shady... SOMEBODY left the gate open :o)

Benjamin... how about potato chips?

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