Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking Good In Fall

There aren't a ton of plants that still look perfect after temperatures in the mid-teens, but this is one of them. This is supposed to be the Solomon seal Polygonatum prattii from China, and I suppose it is, but its leaves are wider than the type; it is only four inches tall, with shiny, pleated leaves and pinkish flowers.
It looks this crisp and sharp all winter with a little snow cover; in spring it looks like it's stepping out of a snowbank with a tuxedo on. Very James Bondish.
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Beautiful, shiny leaves! I love anything that stays green all winter.
That James Bond. His name seems to be creeping into conversation these days. Perhaps this little plant knows something we don't? Or perhaps he just as a special assignment. :-)
I meant: "Or perhaps he's just ON a special assignment." Sorry. Guess I was in a hurry.
Nancy... I really like epimediums this time of year too; I'll have to take some pictures.

Shady... well I knew what you meant, and that's what's important. :o)

do you know, M. Iowa Garden Blog, that you are the Best, literally, of any 'garden blog' out there? i hope you do.

i am a professional blogger; not just of garden stuff but of a whole lot more. i have yet to come across a garden blog that is as excellent, comprehensive, thoughtful, etc., as this one. you set the standard. i wish i knew you in real life; i'd send you a quart of my homegrown/made garden soup/sauce. i put away 200 q this season, if i may brag.

please, don't ever stop. my greehaus won't be up until next year. gardenblogging is all i have in the winter months. thank you. i really mean that.
Chidyke... thank you; I am truly touched by your posting. I have to admit I've been toying with the idea of wrapping up this blog; I've been at it almost four years, and there are just SO many things vying for time. Also, when I started there weren't a ton of garden blogs in the midwest, so it seemed kind of unique, but now there are thousands of garden blogs out there; they pop up like mushrooms after a rain. I dunno... we'll see. If you ever have a reason to come west on I-80, we're right off it and I'd be pleased to meet you and show you our garden. Iowa City is one of those many little college towns that fancies itself as "the Athens of the midwest". I do like garden soup.

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