Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Gardener Outstanding In His Field

My presence has not been much in evidence lately on this gardening blog; instead I've been out in the fields and woods. Our conservation land trust has been host to nine Americorps workers the last two weeks, working on our six nature preserves, including the one I manage.
In rain and sun, these young volunteers have been working like maniacs, clearing brushy invasives, burning piles the size of garages. At times I have been rather pessimistic about who will carry on our work when we can no longer climb up in trees with a chain saw, but after these two weeks working with these wonderful young folks, I am greatly encouraged!
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A beautiful, pastoral scene -- you are always outstanding in your field, Don. ;)
And for that, we can be ever optimistic! I know my husband surely wonders, after all the effort he has made (and continues) over the years...
Nancy... aw, shucks!

Shady... I have high hopes for the future.

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