Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Garden Sight Lines

Although our garden is on a slight hill overlooking a very pretty, 25 foot deep pond full of bass and bluegill, I have been sadly negligent in incorporating views of that pond into our garden experience. Trees and shrubs grow, vines curl up from the ground, and soon garden visitors say "what pond"?
I'm trying to make amends, and if the tangle of vines would let loose of the two smaller dead trees on the left, I will have restored a nice sight line from one path. I will admit having sight lines to the pond can be a mixed blessing; geese nest alongside the pond, and during that spring interval, every time they see somebody moving in the garden, they go into a major honkfest. It's rather like a convention of antique auto horn collectors.
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Yes that will be great, water features of all kinds are so very nice and especially if they are natural. / Tyra
Now that is an image...honking geese with a beautiful view! gail
I was thinking the same thing as Gail -- I think both the view and the honking geese would be wonderful. :)
Tyra... I need to take much more advantage of the pond views. I'm getting out the chainsaw this winter.

Gail & Nancy... the geese are kind of cute, but EVERY time you show your face, HONKHONKHONK!! Not very peaceful.
We have a decent sized pond stocked with bass and blue gill(they think they're koi!), and I love having a view from our cabin! Sounds like you want to enjoy your pond to the fullest!
You will be glad to enjoy viewing the pond... I'd forgotten you had one! :-)
Spooky... you feed your fish?

shady... you see, the pond WAS hidden.

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