Thursday, November 06, 2008

Garden Ornament

This Japanese maple is right by the front entrance pathway in our garden. I lost the name tag when I moved it from our last garden... pretty, though. I lost a lot of name tags in that move, which involved a whole truck load of plants all dug up in a jumble, late in October, after dark (the new home owner said I could take what I wanted... no, I didn't tell him that the Japanese maples, rhododendrons, and magnolias by themselves that I took were probably worth a couple of thousand dollars... he trashed the place anyway, and resold it a couple of years later).
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I'm glad you were able to rescue this beauty from the hands of the new owners -- gorgeous!
Nancy... he would have just run over it with his giant riding mower, anyway.

Thank god you saved some of it. I just hate when you see someone move in and completely disregard all the good work of the gardner that came before them.
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