Monday, November 03, 2008

Garden On Fire

The Japanese maples are lighting up our garden in shades of yellow, pumpkin, maroon, and red. This is palmatum maple Oshio Beni, a very old standby, having been introduced over a hundred years ago. It is rock hardy here, suffering only some small twig loss in very cold winters. We have a pair of them each almost twenty feet tall, which is their mature size. They open their leaves a bright orange red in the spring, fade to brick red in the summer, then turn flaming scarlet in fall.
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Gorgeous! That must be spectacular with the sun on it.
That is so great! I purchased Oshi Beni last fall and it is barely 3 feet tall right now. How long has it been growing here? And how big is it? It is stunning.
WOW! What a beautiful maple!
Beautiful! Do you wear your sunglasses? ;-)
Nancy... with the sun behind it, it absolutely is on fire!

Tina... it's been planted for about twelve years, being three foot tall when planted, and is 20' ft tall and perhaps 10 across.

Gail & Shady... you should see it in the spring against all the bright greens!

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