Monday, November 10, 2008

The Future Garden

Although the garden is rapidly slipping off the edge of fall, into the graveyard of early winter, there are already signs of next spring's resurrection; the early snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii) are showing their white tips. Some years we have snowdrops blooming as early as the New Year's week... or they can be buried by snow, and not really bloom until early March. It is a crap shoot, for sure.
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And so that wondrous cycle continues. :)
Thanks to your inspiring posts on all these snowdrops, I planted one variety this Fall - galanthus woronowii. I'm sure they're not growing, yet... but I'll be watching for them!! :-)
Nancy... I can hardly wait for spring!

shady... you'll like woronowii; it's shamrock-green foliage is a knockout! One thing to watch out for; it comes up really early, and seems prone to leaf damage if it gets really cold (teens, maybe). Probably its very lush, green foliage is less hardy than the hard, grey leaves of the early snowdrop, elwesii. Once in a while I throw a few loose oak leaves on woronowii if we have a very bad cold snap in early spring.

I'm not sure if we have elwesii or woronowii, but ours never show up in the fall. Where ours are planted usually has ample leaf cover throughout the winter and I love to get shots of them spearing the leaves, along with the crocuses....
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