Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This is a native American beech that is planted right next to the front entryway to our house... I love the trunk on this tree; the bark is a lovely, smooth silvery gray. It was an American beech in Kentucky on which Daniel Boone carved the famous words, "D Boon kilt a bar, 1803".

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What an interesting tidbit. :) A gorgeous tree, for sure.
Now, how did you know that? ;-)
I also know a lot of "man walks into a bar" jokes.

Your beech tree is very attractive, with the strong autumn foliage, nicely shaped canopy, and smooth, muscular looking trunk. Is that a bench sited behind and to the left of it? It would make a nice site for observing and contemplating, in between garden projects.
Northern... that's actually the roof of a small woodshed over the hill. There is a bench though; to the left and beneath the hillock, right by our front door.
Kim at A Study in Contrasts has a beautiful beech tree, too. Sadly, we have none. This is just gorgeous.
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