Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Azalea Pale Lilac In Spring

This is what Azalea 'Pride's Pale Lilac' looks like in early May. It actually is much brighter, and prettier than this picture shows.
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Don, Thank you so much for posting this photograph!!! I planted the 'Rosy Lights' and 'Northern Lights' varieties in 2007, so it'll be awhile before they're very large. I have noted this on my "serious wish list!" :-) (Have you visited me in awhile? You'll have to see what I've been "up to." If you have any excess energy next Spring, I sure could use it! ha.)
That is a beautiful shrub. I gave up on my Northern Lights after a few years. I think the extreme winter and late frosts killed the buds (even with protection). Your weather looks actually nice there. We're shoveling the snow from our driveways. No plants to be seen!
Shady... you HAVE been busy! It's starting to freeze up here, so I'm about done for the season. Rosy lights is very hardy and very nice in early spring.

gardenista... there's quite a bit of difference in hardiness of the lights; 'rosy' and 'white' are awfully hardy.

Well, isn't this a lovely sight to see this time of year! Now you're making me long for spring even more than I already do.
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