Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yellow Toadie

If you told me I could have just one toad lily in the garden, after I picked myself up from the ground, I might choose this one: Tricyrtis Lemon Twist. It is a hybrid of two yellow flowered Japanese species: ohsumiensis and flava. It might just have the best foliage of any toad lily (spotted and thick, waxy green), and it has very large yellow flowers with red spots. I'll be fine.
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These are just the most beautiful and unique flowers!
This is Beautiful!! :-) Have you had it very long?
Nancy... it's nice hearing from you again, now that I'm finally back on Blotanical.

shady... maybe five years. (it's perfectly hardy.

Good morning Don. I just got Lemon Twist this spring and it was a real eye opener in its first year. Does it spread quickly and/or does it self seed?
Philip... it is a tight clumper that fairly rapidly grows; it's quite vigorous.
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