Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toad Vs. Toad

So, after showing a lot of different toad lilies growing in our garden, the question is, which is best (or which do I like best)? The best flower, I think, is that of Tricyrtis Kohaku; creamy white with deep raspberry spots, and light yellow on the reverse. The petal substance is incredible, making the flowers look like they are made of porcelain. However, it's not the best plant; it's short and floppy (often dragging on the ground when its large flowers open), and its leaves tend to brown in the heat of late summer.
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It's very different from the toad lilies I've seen, and beautiful. With flowers like that, I might be tempted to use a grow-through support - how can you resist those flowers, even if the plant isn't so well behaved?
These really are beauties! How unfortunate is their name -- they should be called Speckled Lilies or Painted Lilies or Leopard Lilies. :) (Nothing against toads, mind you!)
They really are unusual. I wonder about a small grow-through ring, also. I'm sure you still have a few toadies blooming? I found a couple today! :-)
Kim... it really is different than any other toadie. I need to move mine to a damper, shadier spot where it can grow over a big rock.

Nancy... like calling barrenworts (epimediums) "angel wings" ??

Shady... we still have maybe fifteen or twenty kinds still blooming, but it all comes to an end tonight.

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