Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Small Garden Straggler

The fall-blooming Crocus kotschyanus is making its annual appearance. It is the penultimate bloomer in our garden; the last flower will be a fall-blooming snowdrop, Galanthus Reginae-Olgae, which will bloom at Thanksgiving if it ever appears this year (I'm watching its spot, but still not a hint of it).
Crocus kotschyanus is a little vagabond that seems to be born straggly; admittedly I have it in too shady a spot, but gardening books all comment that a single drop of rain or puff of wind seems to make it look like it used a leaf blower for a hair dryer.
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Now THAT's one wild blossom I'd like to see! (Do you use a leaf blower?) ha.
It looks like a tiny iris, ready to unfurl.
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