Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretty Under Any Name

Tricyrtis Hatatogisu is now called Tricyrtis Seiryu; under either name, it's a pretty little thing. This was apparently the first Tricyrtis hybrid sold commercially. It has exceptionally dark green, pleated leaves, with rather small, but very pretty, jewel-like flowers that are washed with light purple, and lightly spotted. It is a hybrid with Tricyrtis formosana.
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Very beautiful -- you have such a selection of unique plants!
Don, I was led to your blog through a google search - perhaps you can help me. I'm trying to locate a source for adonis amurensis - you had one picutred in a blog dating back to 2007. I was wondering what your source was. I'm also looking for adonis vernalis. Any help would be appreciated.
Nancy... I'm working on it!

Anony... Asiatica nursery carries amurensis in the spring (I see it's not listed in their on-line catalog up now, but assume it will re-appear in the spring); they're not a cheap source, but do carry some unusual things. I think they carried a couple of cultivars. Vernalis I saw somewhere and I can't remember where.
Something must have happened to my post. Anyway, I only mentioned that I'd ordered Seiryu for this past Spring, but that the nursery ran out of it... I suppose before they hit "S" for Shady! ha. It's now on my list for next Spring. :-)
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