Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Bones

Every year I try to add a little more hard structure (bones) to the garden; I cannot imagine how many truck-loads of blocks, rocks, and bricks I've hauled in here. This year I've been working on better defining the pathways. I know all the yard guys at Menards by name.
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You've made a nice wall defining the edge. The fallen leaves make a lovely, colourful carpet. I love to scuffle through and crunch the leaves under my feet as they build up on the paths under trees.
A really like that gentle curve - it makes you wonder what's just around that bend... Nicely done.
Beautiful walls. I agree with Nancy, gentle curves tend to lead you on. There's never an end, is there? (At least, I hope not!) ha. I'll be posting about my recent (2) trips to the quarry. :-)
Hi Don;

Your work looks great! I can really appreciate the time it takes to move a truck load of anything around. Last fall I was so lucky though. I met a guy who had to get rid of tons of rock from around his house--about 2-3 miles from our new nursery. Then a friend was ending his career as a logger and was selling his truck and cherry picker. He said he'd move the free rocks cheap. There's nothing like watching a guy who knows what he's doing with a big rig like that. The outcome is we have the bones of what will become a daylily display garden. We're a couple years away but moved in about 100 varieties this summer. Time is what we don't have but you know the drill--slowly, keep plugging away and eventually you can sit back and listen for congratulations.

Hope all is well in Iowa!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener
PS I think knowing those guys over at Menards by name could come in handy! :-) Esp. when it comes to loading lots of things!!
I have to admit, there's not too much of interest around that corner yet; this was all roses, but it's too shady now in the garden, so I'm ripping them out and planting other stuff. George, I found a big pile of some really cool rocks I'll be hauling in this fall (more rocks!). I'd hate to think how many tons of rocks and blocks I've hauled in here by hand.

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