Friday, October 10, 2008

Montreal Botanical Garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden was one of the highlights of our trip; comprising 185 acres, with a large greenhouse complex, and many fine outdoor gardens (including Japanese and Chinese gardens, and the fine rock garden pictured above). The picture at top shows colchicums in bloom, and gentians in the second picture. the Botanical Garden is right near a metro stop, and across the street from the former olympic complex, one building of which has been converted into the Biodome, a wonderful exhibit of wildlife. The white tower seen in the background of some of the pictures is the old olympic stadium, with an elevator that takes you to the top for an aerial view of the area.
The Montreal Botanical Garden is said to include 22,000 species and cultivars of plants, and the maintainence (in contrast to some of our U.S. gardens) is impecable. The garden is also the site for the Insectarium, which is well worth seeing.

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The colchicums look lovely nestled among the larger rocks and the soft green.
Did you see any particular plants you wanted to add to your garden? That is, if any of the 22 000 species are not already in your garden. : )
Northern Shade... you know, the plants I was most taken with were the decorative peppers, but they need full sun, which I don't have.
I liked the colchicums, too, and I was wondering how the yellowing leaves looked against the cool green moss. I suppose even at a botanical garden open to the public there must be ugly moments.
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