Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monkshood Riddle

Explain this: our monkshoods bloom so late that they are always cut down by freezing temperatures; any seedheads present are still quite green and barely formed. Yet, new little monkshoods keep popping up randomly in the garden, far away from any adult plants; not a lot of them, but just here and there... enough to notice and wonder about. I've not noticed any little monkshood plants sneaking down the garden paths, whistling.
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I think plants and seeds are sometimes mysterious. As far as sneaking down your pathways, they wouldn't be successful "sneakers" if they were whistling! ;-)

Your late-blooming Monkshood is the second posting I've seen this past week. I've always thought I'd like to plant this. I still might, but I'd be disappointed if it didn't get to bloom due to an early freeze.
They're a beautiful little flower, and it's obvious they like it where they are...and invited their friends. ;)
Each year I fear that the monkshood in my garden will be too late for blooming before winter hits - and I am wrong everytime.

I have not seen any seedlings so far, but I cut down frozen leaves in winter bit by bit, so I might have thrown away any seeds which could have been ripe.

By the way - I just love reading your blog - well, almost every entry - except that one about hostas. *smile* ;)

Greetings from Austria
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