Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mad About You...

I must admit, I'm getting rather passionate about hardy cyclamens in our garden; as much of the rest of the garden starts to dwindle in late fall, these gems start putting up their fresh, crisp foliage in little nooks and crannies all over the garden. Every plant is a little different, and I especially like those with silvery foliage. As the sun starts slanting sharply over the west ridge in late afternoon, there is nothing finer than poking about the garden, looking at cyclamens.
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Cyclamen blooms are pretty enough themselves, but that foliage is exceptional!

Happy Birthday, Don!
Hey, Don, could I ask a favor of you? I have a plant ID question that I can't figure out. :)

I've labeled it as Calendula arvensis, but I am unsure about that. I bought a Burpee mix of wildflowers that lists "calendula" as one of the flowers on the back, but doesn't give a species. It looks like arvensis but none of the online Calendula arvensis links talks about this flower being in the New World.

I would appreciate it, but understand if you are busy. Thanks!
Uh hum. Happy Birthday. 39?
Here, Here! I will agree. I have quite a number of my one variety (so far) whose foliage is filling out beautifully!!! They look a little like the top left ones in your first photo, only mine are much more "angular." Happy Birthday? I see you're a Libra. So is my hubby. :-)
Hello Don;

I'm interested in any tips on growing the cyclamens successfully. I have tried them twice and both times they made it a couple years and that's all folks. We're zone 4 with heavy snow cover but a January thaw that challenges some plants.

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I love Cyclamen leaves as much as their blooms. I also enjoy their stems twisting corkscrew like down to the ground to deposit their seed on the soil. FAscinating plants.
I absolutely agree, have you come across the perfumed ones? They are simply delicious.
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