Monday, October 27, 2008

Letting Go...

We've had an unusually mild autumn... until now. Today the wind has roared and blustered from the north, blowing through the dry fields of corn, rattling and shredding the stalks and sailing brown chunks across the roads and lawns, bouncing along as if they are trying to follow the warm air to the south. Low 20's tonight, they say, which means the abrupt end of much of the garden for this year. I used to rush about frantically, covering plants with all manner of blankets, pots and buckets. No more; I say that I've just matured as a gardener, and now live with the seasons. However, it may be that I just would rather sit in front of a toasty fireplace and eat chips... I may live with the seasons now, but I spend a good part of the winter in Mexico.
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isn't that so true...we *mature* gardeners have learned to let it go...and dream of Spring (or Mexico!)
I'd been covering what was left of my blooms on the balcony, too, and finally just decided to leave things to their own devices. To everything there is a season, and all that...
What a pretty photograph. The problem with all that wind, yesterday, was that the leaves which were once on my flowerbeds are now completely gone! I'm sure we'll get another wind going the opposite direction, soon. And I'm still hoping to do a little leaf-shredding! :-) If not... "C'est la vie" And we'll see the outcome in the spring.
I've had bona fide NIGHTMARES about my garden's demise--the feeling of guily and hopelessness. Last night I swore I could FEEL the angel of death pass over my hard work, and I was safe, snug behind insulation and central heating. I did the sheets for a few nights to save some morning glories (the most color left these days) but last night and tonight are futile. 53mph wind gusts Monday and 20 degrees tonight. Take me to Mexico.
This will be a turning point in my garden as well. I have to admit I'm sort of ready to start to put things to bed for winter, though it's been a great fall.
I used to cover things, too. Maybe if it was earlier in the fall, I'd be covering things tonight. Here in SE Nebraska, we've had two 32 degree nights, (one this morning) and tonight, we are also supposed to get down to 20. I did bring some plants inside, because we didn't put them in the egress window yet.
I will admit I did end up covering one thing, but that was an Asian arisaema that has a big seed head on it that I hope ripens a little more before the plant freezes, so i can get viable seed from it.... everything else is on its own!
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