Thursday, October 23, 2008

Late Fall Rush

As October wanes, it's as if all the plants that have not yet flowered are jostling each other to get their blooms in before the first freeze. Towering above them all, the monkshoods serenely and slowly open their deep cobalt flowers at their leisure, seemingly aloof to or unaware of the approaching blackening freeze.
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Aren't they lovely? I know what you mean -- the only thing left on my balcony are geraniums and they've put forth and explosion of buds as if trying to get the last of their blooms out before the cold really settles in. :)
I haven't seen much monkshood growing around my neighbourhood, or even in the town nearby. We used to grow them in Northern Ontario, and they were one of my favourite flowers. I love the blueness. Great pictures you have their. I shiver when I think of what we used to do with the flowers. We would pull the outer petals off to find the inner spurs and sunk the nectar out of them. Death wish or what? Or was that delphs? Eh, can't remember.
Nancy... it's a race!

Cherb... there's a reason you can't remember! :o)

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