Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Joy Of Life

Our fall weather so far here has been unusually mild; we have yet to see a frost. Yesterday, the rain clouds cleared out about noon, and a bright, clear afternoon followed, with chilly readings predicted for last night. The migrating songbirds though, know that this fall is on borrowed time. We feel so fortunate to be a popular (and, I'm sure important) little waystation for birds passing through; nicely sheltered, with lots of cover and tall trees, an ample supply of berries and seeds in our woods, and sitting next to a clear pond for drinking and bathing.
Yesterday afternoon the garden was alive with flocks of cedar waxwings; flitting from treetop to treetop, swooping out for insects or just for the sheer joy of flying in the clear air, excited to be on their long voyage. Later, as the sun settled in the west, they sat in groups in the highest trees, catching the last of the warmth, their pale yellow breasts and dark masks beautiful in the waning light.
God, I love this place!
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It is so nice to take those moments to appreciate how beautiful our little corner of the world is. I feel it especially in Autumn for some reason .. it is just so beautiful this time of year ?
Your comment gave me goosebumps, Don - how wonderful to feel that way and make us share your joy.

So often it is the winged ones who make us look and see.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
I had a similar joyful moment just like that last night. It was an unseasonably mild day, and with the sliding door open, the gentle breezes kept caressing me as I ate the dinner which my hubby had prepared. I got up to just stand and enjoy the soft breeze, and found my butterfly bush just full of scented blossoms and a gorgeous sunset there too. I just sighed and said "Life is good." Nature's blessings are many, but a good man is pretty priceless too. He cooks when I work late!
Amen! I love my place... and I love your place, too! ;-) All kidding aside, it is a wonderful feeling to feel connected within the larger scheme of things. And how much more wonderful to be able to witness, experience and enjoy it! Much to be thankful for. :-)
GardenJoy... the MOST beautiful time of the year!

Annie... my wife says I give her goosebumps too, but I think that's something different :o)

Robin... is he a good cook??

Shady... I feel sorry for people who just are not connected with nature.

I would love to live on acres like you do, but since I don't, I enjoy looking at pics of others, and reading your description was a joy.
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