Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Good Gardening Year

One of the main thrusts of my gardening year was to improve the pathways and edging in the garden to make it easier to maintain; it has up to now been sort of an equal opportunity site for both weeds and flowers. Our garden paths roughly form a "wheel", with a long circumferential path, with "spokes" radiating out from the center of the garden on a slight hill, where the life-sized statue of an angel serenely gazes out over the pond. The above picture is of one portion of the circular path, with what will be (if I ever get it trimmed) a long yew hedge on the outside, along a deep, wooded ravine. It's quite nice now to be able to amble along, looking at the flower beds without keeping one eye looking out for low hanging limbs.

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Your garden looks like such a lovely place for a long, thoughtful stroll.
It is a lovely path - so inviting.
I enjoy seeing the long shot of your garden. It's nice to see and read how the various parts come together. The path looks looks well defined, and especially pretty now with the carpet of leaves. The yews will give a nice green view as the deciduous shrubs and trees become outlines for winter.
Neat path! I just put in a tiny one at my house, like really tiny, but it gave me hope that I will be more industrious about this type of project in the future. Happy to have found your blog, I used to live in Iowa City, back in the early 90s! No garden then, alas.
Your garden looks like such a wonderful place, I love and covet your plant collection, but it's also a treat to see the big picture.
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