Friday, October 03, 2008

Going Down Fighting...

Our garden doesn't just throw in the towel when the night-time temperatures sink towards the forties or even high thirties; these dwindling late fall days are when Tricyrtis macrantha ssp. macranthopsis truly shines. a native of Japan, here in our garden its shiny foliage spills down from a rocky hillside, showing its waxy, bright yellow flowers with their deep red spots.
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This one is incredible, I've never seen it before. You add more plants to my wish list...
It is very unique, as are a lot of your beautiful plants. Beautiful fall color. Speaking of going down with a fight, those top blooms almost look like a boxer's speed bag. :)
That is an amazing flower. I surely haven't done my homework, have I? I've never seen this, nor some of the others you've recently posted!

Say, by the way! I've just started a "Summer Inspiration 2008" meme. (I'm not sure what that word means.) Anyway... I've just posted about my visit to your garden! ;-) You could help me out a bit, if you're willing to put in that amount of work. ha.
That really is a gorgeous flower.
Agree w/ the others -- this is a beautiful plant. That yellow is so bright and cheery.
OMG, what a gorgeous bloom!
A beautiful chrome yellow-flowered Toadlily?
The closed buds are even cooler than the flowers, Don -hope every single one gets its chance to open.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
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