Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even More Montreal

More views of the Montreal Botanical garden; this time the Chinese Garden, which was just ravishing. I especially liked the entry gate as seen in the top picture.
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Oh Wow! I love Montreal! I remember, my high school French class went on a trip to Montreal, we visited a fabulous butterfly conservatory, that were right next to the botanical gardens! It's such a wonderful cultural city and it makes me in the mood for crepes and waffles!
One summer, long ago, our family camped our way up from Maine north to the St. Louis Seaway along the Atlantic Ocean. We drove south alongside the seaway until we got on the interstate. My husband's last words were, "We don't want to go to Montreal," when he somehow took the exit anyway, and we ended up in Montreal. Picture driving into this huge city with a pull-behind, fold-out camper! Not pretty! ha. We spotted a park, drove off the interstate into a parking lot, walked around a bit (it was lovely), got back into the car and headed out. I believe you had a much better experience! lol.
LOL Shady! I'm trying to picture driving in Montréal w/ the pull-behind camper trailer -- eek! I'm glad you navigated through it ... :)

Don, I live 2h from Montréal (in Ottawa) and have been a number of times, but never to the Botantical Gardens or Biodome. I have to remedy that. And yes, Québec City is beautiful! Highly recommend it!
lzyjo... was the butterfly conservatory the Insectarium, with pinned butterflies? Pretty cool place even if the bugs are mostly dead.

Shady... sounds like the time I was driving a rental truck full of my stuff coming back from California to Iowa and ended up on a one way street that went under a viaduct with clearance too low for my truck.

Olivia... you MUST go to the Biodome. We wanted to take a day trip to Ottawa but never made it. Next time.

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