Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Empress Has Spotty Clothes

Tricyrtis Empress is a striking toad lily with dark green, and rather narrow leaves that are deeply pleated, with markedly spotted flowers. Unfortunately its flowers also show color blotches, indicating that it's another of the toad lilies infected with a virus. It does seem to me that the tricyrtis that have very heavily blotched flowers (like 'Raspberry Mousse') tend to get a lot of browning of their leaves late in summer, while those with light blotching (like 'Empress') continue to look healthy. Perhaps it's a question of virus load?

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This is something you can keep watch over. I'm so very happy that each of my blossoms this year showed no abnormal blotching (that is, after I got rid of the infected ones). Hope it continues! We've enjoyed another sunny day, haven't we? Wait until Spring! I've just planted some interesting new bulbs (hopefully they grow and bloom!). ha.
Shady... looking forward to seeing your new bulb treasures; I've put in some new fritillaries.

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