Friday, October 31, 2008

Cyclamen Statement

While I love the little wild cyclamens that unfurl their leaves in the fall, I don't exactly think of them as a "statement plant"; that is a plant that stops you in your tracks as you amble down the garden path. However, Cyclamen hederifolium 'Nettleton Silver' comes close; its leaves are huge (the largest almost cover my palm)! They also have a nice silver wash, which lights up in the clear late fall sunshine. My plant was just a tiny tuber two years ago; I can see this plant being the size of a small hosta eventually.

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I think your cyclamen/s are beautiful, not only for the delicate blooms, but for that gorgeous foliage. I've had them in a pot before, but never in my gardens.
I love cyclamen in the garden, they are so beautiful. Luckily they seed themselves too which is a bonus.
Nancy... you really ought to try them in the garden; they are SO rewarding in little spots under small trees!

Easy... do you get a lot of seedlings? Any cool-looking leaves?

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