Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas In October

The stores are full of Halloween decorations, but I see some racks of Christmas lights already showing up, too; people like to get their outdoor lights up while it's still nice out. Our garden is also in the holiday mood, with the "Christmas tree leaf" cyclamen coums all putting up their leaves.
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Beautiful foliage. I've seen one or two Christmas commercials on TV alraedy. :-/
What a pretty plant. The foliage is charming!
I just planted another variety of hardy cyclamen: Cyclamen hederifolium. I don't know if that's what I already had planted, but the bulbs were certainly different! Guess I'll find out next year. :-)
Nancy... Christmas commercials may be a little subdued this year.

sheila... I love these little plants; every one is different 9like snowflakes).

Shady... hederifolium is probably what you already have (though coum is available, too.

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