Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Better And Better

Tricyrtis Taipei Silk just gets better and better as the nights get chillier, with its flowers becoming deep, glowing purple in the fall sunlight.
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Absolutely beautiful -- and a great photo to boot!
Don .. I find my Toad lily is also producing like mad with the colder temps too .. although today we have rain and wind. I haven't had one go on this long before .. so now we are on "Toad Lily" watch ? LOL
Nancy... you know, actually my picture doesn't do the flower justice; it's so deep blue-purple and so bright in color.

GardenJoy... sounds like we are to have a freeze Sunday; that may be the end!

Oh, boy. I'm just not ready for all this cold weather (and especially a freeze!). Taipei Silk is very pretty.
Shady... I really just want to skip winter this year.

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