Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Boom

I have a fine crop of Asian jack in the pulpit seeds to sow. At top is a species I bought mis-labeled and I've never firmly been able to name it (but it's a knockout). Second is Arisaema ringens, then A. sikokianum, and at bottom A. consanguineum.
Soon there will be the pitter-patter of little jacks around here.
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Nice- Do you think they have to turn red to be able to be planted?
Yea! I thought perhaps you were showing a sequence, at first. :-)

My arum italicum plants are growing again. A couple of them bloomed this year. Perhaps next year I'll get seeds!
They look like frog eggs, esp. the bottom ones. :-)
Philip... it helps. I still get germination from the larger green ones.

Shady... It will be interesting to see what you get from the arum seeds.

Olivia... that's what I thought.

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