Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Nice Thing About Cyclamens...

One of the nice little bonuses of having a variety of hardy cyclamens in your garden, is that you get oodles of interesting little seedlings; above you can see half a dozen seedlings in the center of a Cyclamen hederifolium plant (close-up in lower picture). They are different than Mom but still nice. These little babies will be plucked out and put in pots for the winter, then planted out in the garden in the spring; hopefully in a few years all the Japanese maples will have patches of cyclamens growing under them.

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I agree, they are wonderful flowers and seed everywhere once they are established. Very good for dry areas under trees too. One of my favourites and much more attractive than the large showy specimens sold as houseplants.
How beautiful that will be, the cyclamens under the Japanese maples! Great contrast.
Cyclamen families under your Japanese Maples are a wonderful plan! I can certainly understand the attraction of these plants, and I'll be excited if they propagate in my gardens, too!! ;-)
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