Sunday, September 21, 2008

White Toad

Tricyrtis Maya White is a white hirta type of toad lily. It is similar to several other white cultivars, but unique in that its flowers are very bright, pure white rather than creamy white. It is much more striking in the garden than the picture above can convey. It is a toad well worth seeking out

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And here I thought I'd take a rest from getting many more tricyrtis... and you've come up with yet another that are Very Special and have found their way on this Winter's "wish list." :-)
shady... there are more.
we have had NO luck with tricyrtis at all! i am so envious when i see your photographs. we have 2 which at least came up this year, but they have never bloomed. they are in filtered light but mostly shade, and we are so far north that even sunshine is not too hot! they get plenty of water (irrigation system 2-3 x a week depending on summer needs). the soil is mulched yearly in all of our beds so it is filled with organic material. they are partnered in beds with hellebores, ferns, hostas and lace cap hydrangeas. everything else is beautiful. rhizomes usually disappear after we plant them. i wonder if it the winter rains here that do them in? just occurred to me that the squirrels may be eating the rhizomes? they eat the crocus bulbs like they are peanuts.
Sky... puzzling. I don't understand it either. i wouldn't think winter rains would bother them, as they tend to come from subtropical highlands.
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