Monday, September 29, 2008

Very Curious...

This is Rabdosia longituba, and it certainly is curious (or absurd) that Rabdosia longituba Noshoku, as pictured in the earlier post is named as if it is a selected clone of the above species. Noshoku has large, branched panicles of long-stemmed, tiny flowers, as opposed to the slightly branched, short-stemmed, larger flowered longituba. Also, as mentioned by the astute previous commenter, Noshoku blooms slightly earlier than longituba. They cannot, surely, even be the same species.
Both are pretty darn nice, though. There are not too many lovelier, more delicate fall bloomers.
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A delightful little plant, for sure. Love those blooms!
It does look as though it should be blooming in the Spring. It's very sweet!
Just to follow up, our supplier for 'Noshoku' has just re i.d.'d it as R. umbrosa
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