Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ugly Or Interesting?

I've never been able to decide if Tricyrtis Raspberry Mousse is very interesting or very ugly... or both.
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both, and that's a good thing. i was admiring mine (altho i don't know if it's "raspberry mousse" or not, it just opened and this time of year, i'm nothing but grateful for fresh interest and color. just as there are "ugly" people considered beautiful precisely because they are unusually different looking ("ugly") so too can some blooms be a welcome change for the more standard kinds of bloom shape/color/whatever.
My vote is definitely for interesting. It's so unusual.
Here I am again, with the information about tricyrtis virus...
please do a google search for Raspberry Mousse. Chris Wilson of Hallson Gardens has determined the virus and discusses this variety.
There are also several sites with more information.

Personally, I really like the flower though. Perhaps you could direct the question about pollination to Chris. He really does respond to e-mails! :-)
Chi D... very nice :0)

Megan... it's one of those plants you need to get down and stick your nose in.

Shady... You're sadly right; I suspect this is THE most virus laden of all, and actually always seems a little sickly to me. I just haven't brought myself to rip these out... you're more aggressive than me!

Don, I'm really not aggressive at all. In fact, I have a hard time pulling things out (excepting weeds, of course!). But, I just was afraid that all my others would get ill. Doesn't sound like there's a doctor or an antibiotic available... (YOU would know!) ;-)
Thanks for posting this one, it jarred my memory that we have one and it's currently blooming too. It's not my favorite Toad Lily, but I do like the depth of color in it, though I'm finding more and more that I tend to prefer the white/cream based flowers and deeper colors in the splotches. Virus or no, this one's a keeper in our garden, and if it's infected, none of the other specimens show any signs.
IVG... well, I've thought about ditching it several times, but I'd miss it.

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