Monday, September 15, 2008

Toad Babies Mine

One of the nice things about having a selection of toad lilies is when they start seeding about the garden; they especially seem to like seeding out into the garden pathways (where they have no plant competition and maybe a bit more sun). Most of these seedlings in the garden are pretty clearly close copies of a nearby parent, but some seem to be pretty unique; not superior certainly, but at least quite interesting. All three of the above are seedlings in one spot on a path, downhill from a flowerbed containing several named tricyrtis hybrids; all these seedlings are obviously hirta types. The bottom one is just a rather poor copy of nearby T. White Towers. The two upper seedlings, however, don't seem to match any one single plant in the flowerbed. The middle one appears like a hybrid between macropoda and hirta (which are both in the bed). The one at top appears to be more purely hirta, and is particularly nice, with large flowers and slightly bluish spots.
I usually pot up these new plants to give away to visitors and friends. These seedlings are probably nothing particularly special, but they're mine.
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And there you go! They're lovely... esp. that last white one! :-) My Shining Light is blooming!
So... if I ever receive a pot of these, do I call them "Don's babies?" ;-)
Shady... shining Light is one I've yet to grow. You can name them "Flat" if I don't get them potted up before I step on them again.
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