Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Real Blue

This is the real Plectranthus kameba, in all its deep blue glory, showing the squarish "mint stem" in the second picture. As a commenter gently pointed out after my last posting, the plant picture I placed last time, identified as plectranthus is, in fact, Rabdosia longituba var. Noshoku. That's what happens sometimes (with me, anyway) when I'm up at first light, and want to pop something on the blog before I'm out the door, and have two pictures of unusual deep-blue flowered plants growing right next to each other.
I will say, you couldn't go wrong with either (or both) of these lovely, fall-blooming plants, regardless of what you call them.
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Both blues are electric, aren't they? They remind me of the blue lobelia... too bad that's an annual!
Shady... blue lobelia (Lobelia syphilitica) is at least a short-lived perennial in our woods, and seeds around so that it's permanent. It really needs a shady, quite moist spot.
How large are the flowers on that? I get the impression they are tiny
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