Monday, September 01, 2008

Picking Favorites

I read not too long ago that, while parents don't openly admit it, they do have favorites among their children. I guess therefore it's no big deal for me to have a favorite hardy hibiscus. Now, just like parents with their children, I love all my hibiscus: there are plain seedling pinks and whites that cost nothing but dazzle every year. There is raspberry pink Fantasia, deep red Lord Baltimore, creamy Old Yella, dark-foliaged Kopper King, and the blowsy Blue River II. However, when the late-blooming Fireball opens its flowers like giant red moons rising over the flower beds, I know it is my favorite.
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Stunning - I can understand why it is your favorite
An Artist's Garden
That is beautiful. One thing I just noticed and wondered about, do all hibiscus petals have a "whorl?"
Don, I've been considering this one because it was developed by the Fleming Brothers, and now this confirms it. I want this one! I think it would make a great addition to Kopper King and Blue River in the hibiscus bed next year... thanks for bringing me on board!
Just gorgeous! I think the two we have are Lord Baltimores, and we do not have even one bloom yet. Such a cool summer we've had. In this northern latitude we will be lucky to have one red tomato before autumn conspires to chill us to the bone. We have the heat on tonight!
Karen... Kopper King is blooming now... maybe I was too hasty.

Shady... All of mine do.

IVG... you definitely need it!

Sky... I'd take a cooler summer and fewer flowers.

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