Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nothing But Colchicums...

Among the plants brought here from my previous gardens was this colchicum; I couldn't even tell you which cultivar it is. I suppose I replanted about a half dozen bulbs in my present garden, and now there must be several hundred. This is quite surprising, as saying that once planted they were totally ignored, is an understatement... they have survived and thrived even though they are totally buried and crowded and abused by large, aggressive perennials like phlox and daylilies, to the point where I barely notice their foliage, and am always quite surprised when scads of large clumps of colchicums start blooming in fall. This is my kind of bulb!
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I've been interested in colchicums, but afraid I'll be impatient with their foliage, I think I heard it gets ratty? But I like them, their glowing flowers are such a nice fall surprise.
That is probably the one that circulates under several different names, a hybrid of uncertain origin that is both tall and vigorous. I call it the Impostor. Megan, the foliage is quite large and turns yellow before dying off, but if you plant them near daylilies, the fresh daylily foliage kind of hides the dying colchicum leaves.
Megan... do what I do; bury them in overgrown flower beds.

Kathy... The Imposter, huh? Works for me.

I've wanted to invest in some of these (they're somewhat expensive anywhere I've looked), but haven't yet. This one is really pretty.
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