Monday, September 22, 2008

Life And Limb...

My Mother always said, "You can be good or lucky, and lucky's better." Well, I've always taken that statement to heart, and have recent proof of its validity: I was out starting on the construction of The Babbling Brook (capitalized because it has been a garden project in the planning stage with no actual work done on it for so long that the words themselves seem to have taken on a formal, looming presence in the garden). Liz came out to see what I was working on, so I took a five minute break, walking back to the house. When I got back out to the garden, this very large limb had cracked off a black cherry tree without any warning; it didn't break off completely, but had fallen enough to bean somebody standing underneath. I had in fact been standing in that exact spot, as I had piled some bags of topsoil there and was moving them one by one down into the ravine to where I was working.
Good or lucky... I'll take lucky.

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"Lucky" is one way to look at it. And I might even attribute it to "being Good."

However, harkening back to the tree that fell from across the road to within 6 feet of hitting our house this summer, I thank the Good Lord for his providence!

That being said, Iowa Boy isn't finished yet, and we're glad! :-)
And I might add, that was quite a substantial fallen limb!!
You were very fortunate with your timing, and you didn't even miss a post.
I've been enjoying your series of posts on Tricyrtis. Your photos and descriptions give good summaries of the plant attributes. Unfortunately, most of them would not appreciate zone 3. Which, in your experience, do you find to be the most hardy?
I'm so glad you responded to the shove in the back your guardian angel gave you to take a little break just then. That limb packed quite a punch.
Glad you're still up and blogging!
Shady... I live to play another day!

Northern... I'd peg plain old hirta as being pretty hardy.I used to grow it in Z4 with no trouble.

arija... I've actually had a lot closer calls.

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